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Asda reviews tiger frankfurter moves in the wake of bundling does not list drain as a fixing

Asda has reviewed all tiger bread frankfurter moves after the item was found to contain drain which is not recorded as a fixing on the outside bundling.

The grocery store reported on its site the six pack represented a sensitivity hazard for those with a lactose prejudice.

Individuals are just required to take the items back to a store to recieve a full discount and a receipt is not required.

Asda said: "On the off chance that you have bought Asda 6pk Sausage Rolls please take it back to your closest store where you will be given a full discount.

"You needn't bother with your receipt. We are exceptionally sad for any burden brought on."

The Food Standards Agenct (FSA) said Asda had told all pertinent hypersensitivity bolster associations.

In April, Asda reviewed a chicken and sweetcorn pasta dish after salmonella was identified. No different items were observed to be influenced.
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