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Glenlivet Vintage 1966: What does a £20,000 jug of whisky pose a flavor like?

In the extravagant back room of an extravagance Mayfair lodging sits a man and a jug.

The man is Glenlivet's lord distiller Alan Winchester, a rational person in a cardigan with the quality of a cordial uncle.

The jug has his name on it, yet is a through and through more amazing issue; a hand-blown figure of a vessel with a smoky quartz Cairngorn stone in the plug, sitting inside its own cherry wood bureau.

The setting befits its status: it's a 50-year-old Glenlivet, and expenses £20,000. Just 100 containers of The Winchester Collection: Vintage 1966 exist.

A server strolls over, and gives me a glass of it.

There's a solitary measure in the glass, and after some unpleasant mental number juggling I understand I'm grasping about £1,000-worth of whisky.

It's dim and thick, a gooey fluid which ambles around the glass as I twirl it.

I get sumptuous rum and raisin on the nose, a profound and rich fragrance which camouflages the fruitiness that is to come.

In the first place taste: There's a delicate sweetness, combined with the essence of sugar coated biting oranges.

I move it around my mouth some more, and it's hearty and flavorsome.

Another taste: This time some dried apricots get through, a couple of succulent raisins, and a modest bunch of youth desserts.

I'm struck by how unbelievably smooth it is.

I swallow, and the measure catches off-guard me once more: the fruity taste offers route to a fantastic dry complete with notes of licorice and dull treacle.

My mind crackles as my tongue forms the majority of the perplexing tastes, while attempting to ingest the legacy of the jug.

It was made by The Glenlivet ace distiller Robert Arthur in 1966, a year best-known for England's World Cup win.

Alan, the present ace distiller, says he's so glad for it that he'd love for "everybody to attempt it", yet acknowledges that given its irregularity and high sticker price, that is unrealistic.

"It's one for an extremely uncommon event, where you accumulate some dear companions to truly appreciate it," he said.

The Winchester Collection: Vintage 1966 will be accessible in the UK at Harrods, London.
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