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National Curry Week 2016: Green bean, coconut and curry cashews side dish

Curry doesn't get a day of festivity; it gets an entire week. Be that as it may, is a week truly enough? Shouldn't we have the Year of Curry or – am I pushing it? – an entire decade?

Be that as it may, what do we mean when we say 'curry'? We may discuss dishes like tikka masala, searing vindaloo, smooth korma or rogan dosh, all made with a not insignificant rundown of flavors.

Then again we could consider the place we go to eat these dishes – the curry house that is around the bend or back home where the menu infrequently/never shows signs of change and everything is made the way they've generally made it.

Curry is our go to nourishment when we're glad, tragic, need to celebrate or empathize. We eat it at the toward the begin of the night to line our stomachs in arrangement for the merriments ahead or toward the end to splash up the spirits before bed. Presumably not such a terrible thought when you understand that the flavors you find in curry dishes – turmeric, cinnamon and bean stew and so forth – are perceived as having intense medical advantages as well.

So I make my choice for an option that is longer than a week one year from now. How about we push it out to no less than a month. What's more, in the event that anybody proposes 2017 as the Year of Curry, they'll get my vote.

Green beans with mustard seeds, toasted coconut and curry cashews

Green beans with mustard seeds, toasted coconut and curry cashews

This is super simple yet it is essential to toast the coconut, cashews and the mustard seeds. It will draw out the flavor (and shading) of the dish. I utilize a locally acquired curry powder however please don't hesitate to make your own zest blend on the off chance that you like. What's more, go for hot or milder (as I've done here).

Serves 4 as a side dish

300g green beans

15g coconut drops

2 tsp yellow mustard seeds

50g cashew nuts, entire or slashed

½ tsp curry powder

1 tsp vegetable oil

4 Tbsp coconut drain

Heat a vast pot of water to the point of boiling. While the water is warming up, finish the green beans by snapping off the stem end (leave the wavy tail in place).

At the point when the water is bubbling, salt liberally. Include the green beans and cook revealed for 3-4 minutes. Test one consistently – it ought to be somewhat adaptable, delicate yet firm. Deplete in a colander and invigorate with heaps of icy water until cool. Put aside.

Warm an extensive griddle (one that is sufficiently huge to hold all the green beans serenely) to medium high. Include the coconut chips and toast until brilliant cocoa. Expel the coconut from the skillet and put aside.

Put the cashew nuts into the same dish and again cook until softly seared. Still on the warmth, shower the vegetable oil over the nuts and sprinkle with the curry powder and a liberal squeeze of salt. Give a hurl and cook for one more moment or so before evacuating the nuts and putting aside.

Put the mustard seeds in the dish and toast for a moment or two, then include the cooked green beans and the coconut drain. Give a blend and cook for a moment to permit the coconut drain to decrease down and the flavors to wed.

Try not to permit the coconut drain to bubble. Put the bean blend onto a serving plate, season with a touch of salt, then top with the coconut pieces and curry cashews.
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